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7 Great Dating Techniques women find Highly Irresistible

Great Dating Techniques women find Highly Irresistible

Alright Gens?

It’s so true that all men wants to be lady-killer, but most of them end up looking like bumbling wuss  n front of the lady they are attracted to.

Even if they get to know her, they end up in the friend-zone. Despite all their best efforts at pleasing that hot chick, she ends up choosing a guy who can’t really seem bothered about her and barely makes any effort.

This article gives men confidence and you know this is crucial to succeed with women. The explanations are step-by-step and systematic.

I know there are many similar articles on the web but none had matched the success this one has.

Let’s get to the nitty-gritty. There are 7 pillars of seduction and they are:-

Filter mechanism

Now Filter mechanism implies it’s her job to filter out the weak and undesired men.

How to pass her Filter? You need to display that you are different in your every doings. By displaying values, that extraordinary qualities you show up will force a magnetic personality that will make you stand out and these is the source of your power. You’ll pass her filter if this is done effectively.


The Mandarin Duck specie is immediately recognizable by anyone for its incredible combination of dazzling colors. But only the males display the colorful feather.

Most female birds look for male with the brightest color. That is because males with the brightest color appear to be healthier. Females look for those healthy genes to help their off-springs survive. But when there are two Mandarin Ducks with same brightness something weird happens. The females all mate with the one male that the other female duck are mating with. This rule applies to humans.

The Pre-selection is the making her think that other women already wants you. DISPLAY other women are attracted to YOU.

The Survival Switch

This is the stage, she chose to accept or filter you out through her filter mechanism. It exists in every woman, because it affects her role on replication.  Examples of Survival switch to display are: appearing to be a leader of men, Being unaffected by her natural appearance, hard to get or manipulated, emotional stimulation.


Brash is the presence of undeniable immense of self-confidence that most men lack. A woman can usually tell it even from a mile away when a guy is working up the courage & confidence to approach her, gain her favor, please her, or even get her attention. Thus, this can lower your standard to the average guys out there.

High Standard Lines

Always replace ‘hoping that she likes you’ with ‘expecting that she does’. The very first moment you start talking to a girl, you could start being playful with her –assuming she has already attracted you.

Depth & Mystery

This technique should be done early on, before your targets choose to know too much about you and their impressions of you are set.

The strike of mystery should occur the very moment your target lays eyes on you. Send mixed signals of your character that first encounter, and then spice it up with little surprise and little tension. These two are major key techniques to striking mystery.

Body Language, Poise & Style

If you can turn on the rightful body language while saying fabricated lies, your target will never sense or spot any traces of it.

Confident body language conveys higher status. Entering into a conversation with bold body language has a magical effect on our target. The bolder the body language the more convincing it becomes.

That’s that, in conclusion I teach guys how to approach & attract beautiful women. If you do find this article informative, do drop a comment below.

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