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Best Qualities In A Man

Are you in search of the best qualities in a man? Do you want to enhance your relationship and live a much happier life with your lover? If you’re a man and you’re reading this article, take a chill pill.

We’ve pinpointed exactly which characteristics of men women find extremely irresistible. We organized these characteristics based on the effect it has on women.

After a couple of analysis and field testing results, the results blew us away. Not surprisingly, we discovered women have a preference for personality over physical attractiveness.

Despite the time killer in the gym, only over 13 percent of women cited 6 pack ads as a factor in hotness. On the other hand, roughly, 66 percent of women gushed moral integrity will ‘’make me crave more’’.

 The Best Qualities in men that make her melt

1.  Mental Strength

That’s the ultimate purpose of life. Survival and replication. 80% of the time, women find men attractive are their higher chances of survival.

On the other hand, 80% of the time men are attracted to women is their higher chances of replication –nice curves, big boos, and ass e.t.c.

Physical strength is necessary but mental strength is supreme. Mental strength is the ability to persist when things are going down the drain.

Women love men with mental strength because without mental strength you can’t withstand setbacks and you can’t improve.

2.  Self-Discipline

Self-discipline is one of the best qualities in a man women find aching different to resist. Self-discipline is man itself.

When comes to all ramification of life to succeed without self-discipline forget about the trophy; forget about the greater the success –because all who have made have discipline.

Self-Discipline is the doing of what needs to be done whether you feel up to or not. This is what separates the greats from the average, the successful and the no-bodies of the world.

Self-discipline means you’re a man of moral integrity and believe me all women love that attribute. That you have the guts to speak your own truth is the major recipe.

3. Social Intelligence


Social intelligence not also implies how sociable are you but also, having the knacks the major, understand and connect with people intelligently.

There are some many social intelligent features to bank on but, we’ll narrow it down to what woman wants. A man who is understandable, faithful and dependable has won the battle.

84% of women actually rated faithfulness as one of the top 10 attributes they find irresistible in a man. To be committed to one woman and reassured her you think she’s the sexiest and best woman on the earth is all it takes.

  1. Listening: Connection really matters in a relationship –paid undivided attention could help. 53% of women soothed they feel secure and safe when their man pays attention and listen to them.
  2. Social Flexible: Know how the handle unpleasant situation while appearing calm on the surface is the key. This put her at ease and shows you’re in control of yourself. It displays high self-control.
  3. Strong identity & Open-minded: Know what you stand for. Your perception, opinions shall be put in test and don’t get blown by the winds. Also, men should never be so steadfast in his feelings. Be more expressive with your partner if you want a lasting relationship. No one wants to be in an analog relationship while living in a digital age.

Other best qualities in men you should take note of are:

  1. Romancing: Appealing to a woman’s right-brained and senses is the key. 45percent of women concur that they fantasize about being swept off their feet by men.  Display your romantic interest and reveal that softer and vulnerable side of you.
  2. Good in Bed: If you aren’t good in bed, you’re a loser! This is the backbone of every quality. It probes beyond sex. It implies that a man who takes care of his woman in bed is more committed to caring more out of bed.

Well, let’s call it a today then. You have the best qualities in men within your grasp, so go ahead demonstrate and integrate them into your life.

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