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Having Sex during your Period

While many people consider period sex as fascinating and are often amazed at myths and taboos attributable to the experience, others merely berate the act. However, should sex life get muddled by menstrual period?  Cleary, the answer is NO. Mutually, if both companions give consent, then there is absolutely no problem proceeding with the deed even while you bleed.

Biologically, your hormones are excited throughout the duration of your period, and as such, they prop up different feelings at different intervals including – the fatigue feeling, cramps, yearning for sex and gosh, you are mega horny. Medically, there is no evidence supporting no period sex; instead, you stand to achieve more from this experience. A few of the benefits are scheduled below.

  • Comfort from Cramps – Menstrual cramps is a resultant consequence of the uterus tightening to release its Shannon Chavez, a Los Angeles based psychologist, and certified sex therapist documented that oxytocin, dopamine, and endorphins, the feel-good chemicals delivered at orgasm act as natural painkillers to provide comfort to pains upsurging from menstruation.
  • Relief from Headaches – Aside relief from menstrual cramps, period sex is believed to relieve A related study showed that about 70% of patients who suffered from a migraine; detailed a moderate to total relief post sexual exploit. More so, in another study, a group of women also reported similar outcome post sexual engagement.
  • Blood as a Lubricant – During menstruation, incredible wetness is imminent. For this reason, period sex becomes more exciting. Lube is inconsequential since the moisture so provided serves as an excellent According to Carlen Costa, a sexologist and relationship pundit, “your vagina is more open and receptive at this time, so if there was a sex position you were trying to achieve while in your period, yet failed in previous attempts, at present, you can have it done”.


  • Mood improvement – Often known as the feel-good hormones, endorphins which are delivered to the walls of the uterus revamps and boost your mood.


How to have sex during your Period

Here are  a few ways you can follow to make period sex exciting and less messy

1.The right-minded partner

Your companion must be the right-minded type. One who can boost the required confidence in you and illuminates the beauty in the goddess that you are during this period. Discuss how you both feel about period sex, and proceed on the brighter side.


2.The scintillating foreplay

During the menstrual period, hormones tend to be mega excited. It is time you get scintillated through the foreplay Foreplay becomes even more interesting during this period. By implication, orgasm could be achieved with less effort by touching or penetration. So, chaperone your partner to concentrate more in twiddling or caressing your nipples, fingering the inner thighs and mildly respiring over the clitoris. Foreplays may be all you need to get stimulated even into orgasm


3. Make available some towels

The last thing you would desire is seeing your menstrual fluid mess up your bedspread. Rather than bugging your mind on what has become of your sheets during the naked dance exploit, spread a towel over your beddings to intercept blood leaks. If a lousy scent profuse, rather than allowing it to ruin the moment, hunk a blanket above your mid-region to catch the smell. At the end of the sexual exercise, use a tissue to clean yourself as you sit up.


4.Adhere to the missionary position

Assuming this position allows you to lie on your back to reduce blood drift as sexual intercourse lasts. Be particular about deep penetration. Your cervix is lower with increased responsiveness and reactivity during the exercise. Alert your partner to progress with care if it hurts.


5.The shower experience

Are you fussy over blood? Then you can make the shower an alternative. So, get it done in the shower. Aside from the fact that it makes the experience less grubby, the action pace is varied. As the water flowing above you persist, the other flowing beneath you is hard to notice. Momentarily, the flow seizes when you are submerged in water thus paving the way for an unforgettable thriller.

6. Lighter days are ideal

Ideally, you will want to stick to your lighter days. You may not need to drop your panties during day 1 and 2. Day 3 – 5 are just ideal as your flow get reduced. Allow your expectation to accumulate during the initial days. However, if your partner feels comfortable, the chips can still be laid down from day 1. The difference here is that the flow is a bit redder


7.Shower off

There is the likelihood of having stains on your body during the naked dance. So get rid of them if your location wasn’t the shower. This leaves behind the feel-good mood. Retain all materials and toys used during the exercise in a hygienic condition.

Finally, period sex is an exciting experience. It is incredibly healthy, and so nothing should interfere in your sex life. The uterus desires to be adored at all times, so proceed with it neglecting societal and environmental perceptions.



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