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How To Keep A Conversation Going With A Girl

Within a few minutes, I’m going to teach you “how to keep a conversation going.” How to keep a conversation going with a Girl is the biggest threat men face in their social subtext.

I’ll tell you the biggest thing you should be in other to be successful with women. It’s called “Social chameleon”. All social chameleons create attraction with a girl readily by steering the conversation.

Sure thing, you might take her out to dinner, shower her with flirtatious words and be tall, handsome or rich. But if you don’t express yourself thoughts & emotions effectively, all of that won’t matter.

It all boils down to the conversation. It’s achingly frustrating when your conversation with her isn’t going smoothly. It’s full with awkward silences and prolonged thoughts. Many more girls will slip away through your fingers if you’re not an interesting conversationalist.

Social Chameleon enables you to make a charming good impression. You will be described as adept in social intelligence.

Who is a Social Chameleon?

Social chameleon is a person armed with persuasion and charm weapons but also with the power of social dynamics. All this in aid of ladies around you will slowly lose their ability to resist without knowing how or why it has happened.

It sounds like a fairy tale but it isn’t!

The KEY is “Attraction Trigger”. Only if you know how to flip on and off these triggers hard-wired in her will you be a Social Chameleon.

All Social Chameleons are good talkative. They know how these trigger works when bouncing through conversation topics.


The power of a Social Chameleon is physical but mostly psychological –not forceful but indirectly and cunning. In a few sentences, I going to show you engaging topics you can talk about in a conversation with a girl.

Reasons why Good Conversation Topic Helps

  1. It emotionally ENGAGES your target; getting her to feel fun and crack up. All positive emotions will get her reminiscing about the conversation afterward.
  2. Have a TALK-BOX! Full of engrossing stories and routines that are internalized –you’ve learned them by heart. This help creates MOMENTUM.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at few interest conversational topics to keep the talk flowing, getting her all cracked up, and building sexual tension.

Topics to keep a Conversational going

1.    Your Passion

Your passions are probably easier to say or share with someone more readily. Because you’ll be forced to communicate emotionally, which also, in the long run, allows the woman reciprocates and voila you two have a connection.

Speaking of something you’re passionate about makes the conversation flow easily –because you’re talking about something you actually enjoy. It also takes off the pressure of coming up with some sort of cockamamie story to say.

You should give a room of steering the conversation to her passion. Following up a leading question to get her talking or responding.

2.    Current Environment

Most guys bank on this one particularly! Looking at your current environment; coming up what stories and question relating to it could be fun. You can easily form a bond by discussing what’s happening around you.

Spice it up with sculpting backstories for various strangers walking around. This effect helps create an “Us vibe” –which readily connect.

3.    Childhood Memories

Coming with a specific fun relating stories of your childhood times could be fascinating.

Relate to your childhood experiences make you connect with her emotionally. As well as, giving her the room the share hers –gets her talking and voila. You’ve got her reciprocating in your talk.

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