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Tips on How to be an Elegant Woman

Be clean

Use good hygiene. Take a shower when you need to & keep your hair clean.use deodorant and Brush your teeth to keep yourself smelling fresh.

Be Tidy

Always Keep your hair brushed and any excess body hair should also be carefully maintained to reasonable lengths and your nails reasonably trimmed.


Use subtle makeup

Use concealer, foundation, and powder to even your skin. Eyeshadow & lip colors should be subtle and use neutral tones line grays and browns. Mascara and Eyeliner should be minimal.


Get your nails done

Good choices for nail polish are pale pink or a french manicure. But always remember that any color can look elegant, it all depends on how you carry it off. Take a Look at some photos of celebrities’ nails at events. They wear all colors, including black, green, and orange, and many of them still look elegant.


Use good perfume 

you will not see when someone smells nice but it will form a certain image in your mind. Leave a perfect lasting impression by using a good perfume, applied correctly.


Wear nice clothes

Don’t wear clothes which look overly casual, dirty, stained, or ruined. Avoid wearing clothes that have holes or otherwise look distressed.


Wear clothes that fit

Always wear clothes that fit you. They should not be small or large. Don’t get married to size, every time you try on new clothes, also try on a size down and a size up. Get your items tailored, if you can, to ensure an even better fit.


Choose quality fabrics

Avoid cheap acrylic material or cheap cotton & opt for clothing made from more luxurious materials. This will make your clothing look more expensive, even if it isn’t. Silk, satin, cashmere, modal, Chantilly or other quality lace, many sheer fabrics, and limited velvet are all acceptable options. Avoid Thick materials that add bulk, as these will detract from your smooth lines.


Choose high contrast or classic colors

When you choose colors, always choose high contrast colors that are very light & dark compared to each other (White, black and red). Classic neutral colors also work well (beige, grey, navy, plum, emerald green, champagne pink, etc.).
Other elegant color combinations include blue & gold, pink & white, and white & teal/seafoam.

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